Vacuum Heat Treatment

Vacuum Heat Treatment

Vacuum hardening and tempering for low alloy & High alloy tools steel, die steel. Solution annealing of stainless steels, vacuum brazing of Copper alloys, Nickel alloys Alluminium etc.

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IPSEN Turbo treat M German make Vacuum furnace chamber size 610X610X910 mm, Nitrogen quench up to 12 bar.Vacuum level up to 10 x -3 mbar.OnlineIPC (Industrial Personal Computer) correction ofheating and cooling cycle. Temperature 1350 degree centigrade.

Shortly Installing supporting state of art testing equipment for checking microstructure, hardness, crack detection, internal soundness, tensile strength , elongation , impact, chemistry , Jominyvalue. These key equipments from world renowned brands .

Advantages of Vacuum Heat Treatment:
• Negligible distortion of work piece so one can machine finish to final size.
• Oxidation, scaling , pitting , discoloration of surface avoideddue to use of inert gas.
• Decarburization is eliminated, so no future crack seed points.
• Homogeneous microstructure due to uniform convection heating.
• Stress free work piece due to uniform hardness.
• Longer life and better fatigue property of work piece.
• No salt corrosion in blind holes or cavities of work piece.
World class levels of quality maintained. Our rates are competitive for the top class quality and servicelevelswe provide.

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