Whether testing or calibration lab accepts Cash?


What will be the turnaround time for Testing or Calibration?

Three Working days.

Is filled Test Service Request Form or Service Request Form necessary while credit of Instruments?

Yes. It will enable us to cater your exact requirements and provide our best services.

Is there any reprint charges for the duplicate copy of Test Report or Calibration Certificate?

Yes. If less than 15 Days after issue of Report or Certificate, no Charges.

Can you repair the Instruments, if yes what will be charges and Turnaround Time?

Yes, Repairing charges will be as per requirements of material and labor charges. We will try repairing it within seven working days.

Whether NEC have Pick up & Drop facility for instrument?

Yes, for bulk quantity only.

Does NEC charge to and fro fare for onsite calibration?

Only for outside Nashik site.


What kind of machines are there on the machine shop floor?

CNC Turnmill / EDM / WEDM / 3Axis-VMC / 5Axis-VMC / Conventional Universal Milling Machine.

What are the machining rates?

Approximate machining rates are as follow:-
CNC Turnmill – Rs.350/Hr
EDM – Rs.450/Hr
WEDM – Rs.750/Hr
3Axis-VMC – Rs.575/Hr
5AxisVMC – Rs.1750/Hr
Cost may vary depending upon the material/size/accuracy required.

Are the machines calibrated?

Yes, all machines are calibrated and well maintained.

How much time is required for machining?

Machining hours depends upon the size/material/accuracy required.

Do you have CAM facilities?

Yes, we use advance version of CAM (Autodesk 2018).

Do you have CAD facilities?

Yes, we use advance version of CAD mainly Uni Graphic/Catia.

What type of material do you machine?

Different types of steels/copper/aluminum/etc.

Do you have measuring instruments for inspection? Are they calibrated?

Yes, we do have calibrated measuring instruments. Also we have in-house metrology/testing/calibration labs for further inspection.

Do you have skilled operators?

Yes, all operators are skilled having more than 10 years of experience in relevant field.

Are the machining rates competitive?

Looking at its quality/accuracy/facilities/skilled man-power/machining hours – machining rates are highly competitive.


What are the facilities available with you for Advance Manufacturing?

We have Plastic and Metal 3D printing technology or Additive manufacturing technology with us.

Which 3D printing technology with you for Plastics and Metal?

We have Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) for Plastic and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) for Metal.

Which machines are available with you for Plastic and metal?

For plastic we have Stratasys FDM 900MC and for Metal it is EOS INT M270.

What are the Raw material Available with you for plastics?

It is ABS and Polycarbonate.

What are the Raw material Available with you for Metal?

It is Stainless Steel GP-1 and Maraging Steel- MS1.

What is the Bed or Platform size of your machine for both plastic and Metal.?

we have one of the largest Plastic 3D printing machine in India having Bed Size of (914 X 614 x 914 mm) and For Metal It is (250 x 250 x 200 mm)

What are the main Applications for Plastic 3D printing?

Prototyping, Tooling, Concept design, Fit form and visualization, Direct Digital manufacturing.

What are the main Applications for metal 3D printing?

Tooling, Direct parts, Conformal Cooling, Mold Insert, etc.

What is accuracy of plastic and metal 3D printing technology?

For plastic it is 100-120 micron and for metal it is 80-100 Microns.

In which form Raw materials are available?

In plastic it is In Wire form and in Metal It is Powder Form.

What is Minimum wall thickness we can produce in Plastic and metal machine?

it is 1.5 mm.

What is the post process involved in Plastic 3D printing technology?

Automatic Support material removal through ultrasonic water tank.

What is the post process involved in metal 3D printing technology?

Wire Cut, drilling, grinding, buffing and Heat treatment if required.